What is Britain’s most expensive house?

When the average buyer looks to buy a home, typically, there are a few simple requirements. Perhaps a spacious garden for kids and pets to run around, a spare bedroom for guests, and a large enough kitchen to host dinner parties.

The wealthy 1%, on the other hand, can be much more particular about their demands and requirements. You often see grand displays of opulence and luxury throughout their properties – if you can, then why not, right?

The most expensive property in Britain is no different. Alongside the jaw-dropping price tag, it comes with interior features and extras that one could only dream of.

In this article, we’ll describe precisely what Britain’s most expensive house is, how much it costs, and the 10 most expensive streets and areas in the UK for homes.

What is the most expensive house in Britain?

Britain’s most expensive home is Mayfair House, with an estimated value of £250 million. Located in Mayfair, London, it is owned by British billionaire and founder of Phones 4u, John Caudwell. The property was bought as two separate mansions but has since been joined together to create one big house.

Mayfair House is a 43,000-square-foot mega-mansion that spans eight floors. With 15 bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a 120-person capacity ballroom, and a home cinema room, you may get lost, but you certainly won’t get bored!

Mayfair House, London

In the prime location of Mayfair, Central London, Mayfair House initially started out as two separate properties. They were bought by John Caudwell in 2012 for £87 million. Since then, they have undergone a £68 million renovation that lasted four long years to make it into what it is today.

A key part of this renovation was the inclusion of a huge basement which connected the two properties together, essentially making it into one big house that spans a total of 43,000 square feet. To put this into perspective, Mayfair House is more than twice as big as Royal Albert Hall.

The basement also has an automated car stacker, which is able to take as many as eight cars from street level down to its parking area at the push of a button.

The property stretches up eight floors and consists of everything an individual could dream of. With 15 bedrooms, five kitchens, a cinema room, an indoor pool with a volcanic lava installation, a steam room, and a spa at your disposal, you may never have to leave this home.

If you fancy some after-hour festivities, it even comes with its own nightclub and an elegant 120-person capacity ballroom for you and your guests to dance the evening and night away.

If that wasn’t enough, the house has a Thai-themed dining room that has its very own river flowing through it. This river is inhabited by a carefully selected school of African Cichlid fish to provide the right ambience whilst you eat.

It’s no surprise that the most expensive property in Britain has luxurious features and lavish interiors that come with eye-watering price tags. It is a home that will make any inhabitant feel like royalty. But, the imposing mansion isn’t even John Caudwell’s primary residence.

John and his family actually stay in a 12-bedroom country house in Staffordshire, which they consider their main home. This raises the question, ‘Why would someone buy a property so big and live elsewhere?’. Well, John has reserved Mayfair House for his philanthropic endeavours – Caudwell Children.

Caudwell Children is a charitable foundation that supports disabled children and their families. The charity uses Mayfair House to host balls, meetings, and gala evenings at the residence for its donors, benefactors, and beneficiaries.

Of course, having such an expensive home with so many elaborate and boutique furnishings will undoubtedly attract the attention of thieves – particularly if it isn’t lived in every day. However, the property is extremely secure. It comes with hi-tech, state-of-the-art technology and has staff on guard at all times of the day, ensuring nobody can break in without detection.

Where are the most expensive homes in the UK?

It’s always interesting to learn where Britain’s most expensive properties are. You can probably take a guess and say they’re in London – and you’d be correct – but where exactly?

Thanks to Zoopla’s Rich List, we can now take a look at which streets and areas command the highest house prices all over the UK

What are the 10 most expensive streets in the UK for homes?

In first place is Kensington Palace Gardens, London. The street is home to the uber-wealthy and has an average house price of £34,858,150. However, the filthy rich are not the only residents of Kensington Palace Gardens. The street also houses many embassies or ambassadorial residences, making it one of the most expensive streets in the world.

Following behind in second place is Courtenay Avenue, London. Situated slightly north of the heart of the city, this street has an average house price of £21,549,384. With more space to offer, Courtenay Avenue is known for its large detached houses and vast gardens.

Rounding out the top three is another London-based street, Grosvenor Crescent. Located in the affluent area of Belgravia, the average house price on this street is £19,347,023. The entire top 10 list can be found below.

RankStreet NamePrice
1Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8£34,848,150
2Courtenay Avenue, London, N6£21,549,384
3Grosvenor Crescent, London, SW1X£19,347,023
4The Boltons, London, SW10£17,390,516
5Ilchester Place, London, W14£16,161,690
6Frognal Way, London, NW3£12,586,047
7Manresa Road, London, SW3£12,121,847
8Cottesmore Gardens, London, W8£11,907,716
9Compton Avenue, London, N6£11,685,243
10Hanover Terrace, London, NW1£11,506,511

What are the 10 most expensive areas in the UK for homes?

Taking first place for the most expensive area is Kensington, London, with an average house price of £2,934,743. The upscale district is home to the Royal Albert Hall, National History Museum, and numerous international embassies and consulates, making it a highly sought-after area.

Bordering Kensington is Knightsbridge, second place on this list with an average house price of £2,382,154. Recognised as one of two international retail centres in London, Knightsbridge is home to a host of expensive and boutique retail stores, as well as banks that cater specifically to the wealthy. As such, Knightsbridge tends to attract wealthy homeowners, and its average house price certainly reflects this.

In third place is Chelsea, with an average house price of £2,337,589. Chelsea, another wealthy area that is located close to both Kensington and Knightsbridge, is home to the famous King’s Road and has some of the wealthiest residents in the entire country. The complete top 10 list can be found below.

Rank Area and PostcodePrice
1Kensington (W8)£2,934,743
2Knightsbridge (SW7)£2,382,154
3Chelsea (SW3)£2,337,589
4Notting Hill (W11)£2,005,121
5West End (W1)£1,711,810
6West Brompton (SW10)£1,677,612
7Hampstead (NW3)£1,670,066
8Westminster (SW1)£1,667,757
9Barnes (SW13)£1,598,353
10Virginia Water (GU25)£1,589,571